Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 39.1 (Laird Hunt)

The Paris Stories
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Hunt, Laird
The Paris Stories

Given to me by the author -- or purchased at one of his readings. I can't remember which.

I was happy to get to see Laird at AWP this year for the first time in about a decade. Dan Machlin and I met up with him and Eleni and their daughter and Eleni's mother and Christopher Fishbach in the lobby of one of the hotels and we went over to one of the many offsite reading locations for a bite to eat (I think eleni was also schedule to read downstairs at some point).

The waiter took us upstairs to a table in a big empty cabaret room, where we ordered dinner and talked and laughed while their daughter, whose name I forget, occasionally wandered up onto the stage and sang made-up songs into the microphone.

Eventually the room filled up and an emcee, Grant Jenkins, I believe, appeared and the next thing you knew there was a poetry reading going on and we stayed a while to listen and then said goodbye downstairs at the front door.

from The Paris Stories

Dear Sweetheart,

Dream in which the little courtyard here was very large and filled with new and used station wagons. Then the world lost its gravity and the cars started floating up to hit against the bird net. No one in the courtyard got hurt but a couple of the leaders were transformed into answering machines. The conditions were that the leaders couldn't speak unless someone called. No one could find a phone. So we forgot about them. Cars were bouncing off the net then back up off the ground. Everything was elastic. Things seemed to be accelerating. Not that this matters but I had developed some kind of low power ray beam that I could shoot out of my fingers. A strictly last ditch kind of affair. It only worked about every other time I tried.

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