Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 40 (Kim D. Hunter)

Hunter, Kim D.
edge of the time zone

Given to me by the author the last time I visited Detroit, in the fall of 2009.

Kim co-curates the Woodward Line Poetry series in the Motor City along with James Hart III. I've read in the series three times in the last four or five years. The last time I read there, I slept at Kim's house. He lives in a big old Victorian with his wife and daughter in a part of Detroit known as Mexican town, very near the bridge to Windsor, Ontario.

I remember we got up early the morning after the reading, ate cereal for breakfast and talked politics before Kim headed to work and I drove back to Buffalo.

Kim and James are great examples of people who work outside the academy to put on a reading series almost entirely without institutional support. They manage to scrape together the energy and the cash to bring in poets they like from all over the country all year round and to bring people in the community out to see them. I admire what they do.

from edge of the time zone

flow tation d vice

in case of emergency
avoid the language
of the airline safety card
food warning label
or bomb shelter placard

resist all temptation
to use the read made skeleton
behind the sign that says
break glass in case of fire

do not swallow the pill
in the read and black container
with the explicit instructions
on what to do
if the rescue team has not arrived
to roll away the stone
by the third day

refer only to your first guess
if the door knob is hot
the cacophony muffled
and the dark red oozes
between the door and the floor

your choices are instructions or instincts
what did you bring
what will you leaves
who will you be
in a short crucial space


tyrone said...

though he might be startled to hear about his "daughters"!

Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...

Is there just one?