Monday, August 2, 2010

Aimless Reading: The I's, Part 5 (Michael Ives)

Ives, Michael
The External Combustion Engine

Given to me by the publisher.

Buffalo artist Ron Ehmke is turning 50 soon. In honor of that he has been using his FB status updates to document his fifty years in a way that is related to the Aimless Reading project. Each day he covers one year of his life by posting three or so updates that include a youtube video of music from that year. He then recalls tidbits about the relevance of this particular music to his life. I'd tell you to go to his blog, but alas, you have to be his FB friend. I

Anyhow, I posted a list two days ago on the blog of al the places I'd lived in my 41.75 years and thought I'd try to fill it in a bit more with various fragments about those places. So, for the next few entries, here it goes.

1968: Dearborn, Michigan

I don't really remember Michigan all that well. We left for California when I was two. I've seen pictures of the house. It was small and white. I think I remember a slide and a swingset, but I may have seen those in photos. I have a recollection of being scolded for taking a box of raisins without permission. I loved raisins in Michigan.

1971: Los Gatos California

We had a modest house on an ivy-covered hill. I had a sandbox in the backyard. I used to play in it with my two girlfriends, Kathleen and Meghan. We had a second floor. There was a TV room up there. The kitchen lead to the garage. My middle brother was born while we lived there. We had a living room with wood cabinets on one wall and a big fireplace in the corner. I recently went on google maps with my mother to try to find this house, but she couldn't remember which one it was.

1973: Los Gatos, California

My parents felt that the neighborhood of the first house was not very child-friendly, so we moved to another hose, which my mother recently told me she hated. It was a one-story house with a backyard and a garage. We had a swingset and slide. I remember a glassed in back porch -- what people in Buffalo call a "Florida Room." My youngest brother was born there. When he was born, both I and my middle brother had chicken pox. I had a pet turtle in this house. I remember my father gave me a Ford Mustang decal that I stuck on the turtle's back. I learned to ride a bike, a yellow, banana-seat Schwinn, on the sidewalk in front of this house. I remember spending hours with my father learning this art.

Ok -- more work!

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