Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aimless Reading: The K's, Part 14 (Kirk, Raven & Schofield)

Kirk, Raven & Schofield
The Presocratic Philosophers

I can't remember if I purchased this online or at Talking Leaves...Books. It was one or the other. Something tells me it was online. I remember I started reading the pre-Socratics because of Charles Olson. In one of the Maximus poems he mentions Anaximander, which led me on a diversion through the pre-Socratics.

Jonathan Skinner was living in the apartment below me on College St. at the time. I mentioned Anaximander to him and he recommended this book. Someone had secured him a faculty level library card that allowed him to check out books indefinitely, so he took advantage of that to lend me this one. I remember he had a small library worth of library books in his apartment throughout graduate school.

Anyhow, it was several years before I bought my own copy, I think because it was very expensive.

from The Presocratic Philosophers

If Thales earned the tile of the first Greek philosopher mainly because of his abandonment of mythological formulations, Anaximander is the first of whom we have concrete evidence that he made a comprehensive and attempt to explain all aspects of the the world of man's experience.

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