Friday, October 22, 2010

Aimless Reading: The K's, Part 18 (Jennifer L. Knox)

Drunk By Noon
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Knox, Jennifer L.
Drunk By Noon

Purchased at a reading in Buffalo at Rust Belt Books.

Inscribed thusly:

Hey Mike!

Good luck in prison.


P.S. You popped by book's cherry.

That was a fun night, as I recall. Jennifer read with Aaron Belz and Shanna Compton and then we all went out to the Founding Fathers pub. I was really into snapping photos at the time. Somewhere in my flickr set from fall 2007 are photos of all three readers, including a photo of Shanna counting my money after purchasing the first copy of Jennifer's book.

from Dunk by Noon

Yowl of the Obese Spaniel

I ran away for three days once so don't think sleeping
on sheets or eating the fat off steaks has kept me soft.
This ol' boy knows what's out there: broken glass,
bigger dogs with hair like weeds, bugs that pinch. Eesh.
But it's not sharp stuff that keeps me off the baby
teetering by, soggy graham floppy in hand. It's then, old
as I am, I become something else, something I've always
been, maybe--a bad thing who'd go all the way for a cookie.
And I could kick myself for shame. Not for shame
at the thought (I know I could take that kid down) but shame
for returning their smiles like a big, fat, automatic, tail-
wagging nitwit--and for meaning it in every loose tooth
in my mouth--not knowing why, only knowing--jeez!--
I'm never gonna have sex, I'd sure like to kill something.

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