Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aimless Reading: The K's, Part 20 (Arthur Koestler)

Darkness at Noon
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Koestler, Arthur
Darkness at Noon

Purchased at the Fordham University bookstore for a summer course called, "Politics and the Novel." We never got to it in the class, and, sadly, the same has been true in life. I guess I've always intended to read it, which is why I still have it. I wonder if I ever will.

I remember a great scene in Tom Clarke's biography of Olson in which Koestler and O end up taking hallucinogens together with Timothy Leary. Apparently Olson's size and the fact that he was playing around with either a toy gun or something that resembled a gun completely freaked Koestler out. I can only imagine the terror seeing Olson while on acid might cause.

from Darkness at Noon

The cell door slammed behind Rubashov.

He remained leaning against the door for a few seconds, and lit a cigarette. On the bed to his right lay two fairly clean blankets, and the straw mattress looked newly filled. The wash-basin to his left had no plug, but the tap functioned. The can next to it had been freshly disinfected, it did not smell. The walls on both sides were of solid brick, which would stifle the sound of tapping, but where the heating and drain pipe penetrated it, it had been plastered and resounded quite well; besides. the heating pipe itself seemed to be noise-conducting. The window started at eye-level; one could see down into the courtyard without having to pull oneself up by the bars. So far everything was in order.

There, now I've read the first paragraph.

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