Monday, October 25, 2010

Aimless Reading: The K's, Part 21 (Kenneth Koch)

Koch, Kenneth
Ko, or A Season on Earth

Not sure where I bought this -- possibly at 7th St. Books in New York, possibly at Rust Belt Books in Buffalo.

Odd that cover art omits the word "or" from the title, despite its being present both on the cover itself (invisible in this photo) in a smaller font and also on the spine. Artistic license, I guess, but I doubt it would have harmed the composition to add a two-letter word. Maybe the title font needed to be a certain size for the marketing people.

Anyway, it sort of looks like there are two book titles listed, not one. Not sure why I care, frankly, just happened to notice.The book cover was designed by Roy Kuhlman. Or was it Frank O'Hara pretending to be Roy Kuhlman?

from Ko, or A Season on Earth

Meanwhile at the University of Japan
Ko had already begun his studies, which
While making him an educated man
Would also give him as he learned to pitch
And catch--for Ko was more than a mere fan,
But wished as a playing member to do a hitch
With some great team -- something to think about
More interesting than merely Safe and Out.

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