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Aimless Reading: The K's, Part 23 (James Koller)

Snows Gone By
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Koller, James
Snows Gone By

Given to me by the author, inscribed on 18 FEB 05.

Jim Koller is a poet and also the editor of Coyote press which, among other things, has the distinction of having published the only edition of Olson's Berkeley lecture for many years.

He was part of the Bolinas scene in the sixties and seventies alongside Joanne Kyger, Robert Creeley, Richard Baruatigan, etc. He then moved to a little island off the coast of Maine. It's either Arrowsick or Georgetown, I can't remember which.

(On a side note, I recently discovered that an ancestors of mine was one of the early settlers of Arrowsick in the 18th century.)

Jim contacted me through Robert Creeley a number of years back about doing a reading in Buffalo. He came through in 2005. I can't remember who he read with--possibly Jonathan Skinner, but I am drawing a blank.

I remember we stayed up one night talking and he told me he'd gone for twenty years without indoor plumbing on his little Island in Maine, but that after he married they had it installed.

He said he missed the days of no plumbing.

I asked him why.

He said he used to really enjoy getting up in the morning in the middle of the winter to walk to the outhouse take care of business.

I said I couldn't imagine doing that, let alone feeling nostalgic about it after the fact.

We both laughed.

I'll never be a pioneer, I guess.

from Snows Gone By


Two foxes bark & play
with such abandon, they wake us all.
They are in love, she says.

We lie under our blankets,
listen to them, as we've listened
through thin walls in cheap hotels;

we're there with them
in the moonlight, in the snow
touching one another.

12 Jan 2002

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