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Aimless Reading: The L's, Part 1 (Jacques Lacan)

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Lacan, Jacques

I am not positive, but I assume I bought this at Talking Leaves...Books.

I am not sure I have ever actually read this volume. I read various texts by Lacan in graduate school, but usually on xeroxed sheets of paper handed out in various classes. I think Lacan is someone I might be interested in exploring again at some point, now that I've been long enough away from academia to think about it myself, free from "the conversation," so called.

One of my Professors, Rodolphe Gasché, a philosopher himself as well as an important and astute reader of Derrida, attended Lacan's famous seminars in Paris in the sixties.

He had this to say: I never understood what he was talking about.

from Écrits

But that the odour of the cage should find its way into a technique that is conducted largely by 'sniffing out' as they say, is not as ridiculous as it sounds. Students from my seminar will recall the smell of urine that marked the turning point in a case of transitory perversion, which I used as a criticism of this technique. It cannot be said that it was unconnected with the accident that motivates the observation, since it is in spying, through a crack in the wall of a public lavatory, on a woman pissing that the patient suddenly transposed his libido, without anything, it seemed, predetermining it: infantile emotions bound up with the phantasy of the phallic mother having until then taken the form of a phobia.

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