Friday, November 12, 2010

Aimless Reading: The L's, Part 3 (David Landrey)

Landrey, David
Consciousness Suite

Given to me by the author. Inscribed.

I know I am not yet awake because I just barely caught the following typo when i uploaded the photo. I had written the title out as "Consciousness Sweet." Which has a nice ring to it, I guess. As in: "Consciousness is sweet." I guess that's in there with the original spelling, too. You just have to dig down a layer or two.

I read with David about two years ago, on the very night this book was finally released, after having sat in boxes in a warehouse seized by the IRS for two years prior to that. He's is an old time Buffalo poet who came here in the sixties, studied with Charles Olson, and eventually ended up teaching English for 40 years or so at Buffalo State College.

I met him not long after I started working at Just Buffalo. I had invited Peter Gizzi to read and had asked if there was anyone he'd like me to invite personally to his reading. David Landrey, he said. And of course David came to the reading and that was how we met. He's one of the stalwarts of the poetry scene, and an excellent poet, to boot.

From Consciousness Suite

(from the title sequence)


Decades of consciousness
or at least memory tissues
electrochemical compilations
complex skeins wafting
intake          outlet            words
words           images           words
the many known who enter
and leave            or we do
parts of each other's skeins
woven            raveled            out
of sight but never not
parts of tissues
faint pulses of energy all
all signifying what?
And whereto skeins when
Inspiration ceases?

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