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Aimless Reading: The L's, Part 4.1 (Gerrit Lansing)

A February Sheaf
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Lansing, Gerrit
A February Sheaf

Given to me by the author. Inscribed thus:

To Mike Kelleher

June 28 2004
With thanks for your presence.

[Here the mysterious drawing described in yesterday's post re-appears, or rather yesterday's was the re-appearance, as this one came first. At the foot of the word 'presence,' which is written in the upper righthand corner of the title page, what looks like a tree branch or a leafy vine descends in a reverse diagonal towards the center of the page, where the author has signed the book above his name.]

Gerrit Lansing

[Note: the 'g' at the end of the signature wraps in a loop around the printed letter, coming to an end a few millimeters below it.]

A 3 x 5 card with the following note, written in my hand, in pencil, on the lined side of the card, sits between pages 72 and 73:

Max Velmans

-Understanding Consciousness

I have no idea what this refers to or why or when I wrote it.

Gerrit gave me this book on my first visit. Cass Clarke had put me in touch with him and I made plans to visit on my way back from the Poetry of the Forties conference in Orono, ME. I arrived in the evening, just in time for supper. It turned out I had also arrived on the night of the procession of the Virgin down by the waterfront.

We walked down to the water near Fort Square, where Olson lived, to find a throng of revelers parading through the winding, narrow streets behind a statue of the Virgin Mary, which got placed in a storefront window, where she resides the rest of the year. I think Patrick Doud may have been with us. I think James Cook may have come over later in the evening to sit on the porch of Gerrit's house.

I remember talking to Gerrit about the paper I'd given on Olson at the conference. We also talked about the state of the Duncan archive at UB and his desire to see the HD book into print. Mike Basinski had that very week been elevated to curator, so there was quite a buzz in the Duncan world that some of the long-awaited publications might finally see the light of day. Looks like the light is almost here, as MIke Boughn's editing of the HD book is complete and it is due out in the spring.

Next morning Gerrit took me to breakfast. I can't remember which visit it was that we ate where. Once we ate at a chi-chi little place downtown that had very good steel cut oats. Another time he took me to an old time diner where we had some kind of Portuguese sausage and eggs. Either way, breakfast was followed by a brief walk through Dogtown before I was on my way to New Haven, where I stopped for a visit with the literary Outlaw Richard Deming and his fearless partner, Nancy Kuhl.

from A February Sheaf

The Many-Worlds Interpretation

(from the Egyptian

God stiffened;
hand rubbed up and down his mighty member:
world upon world cascades from his cock.

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