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Aimless Reading: The L's, Part 5 (Maryrose Larkin)

The Book of Ocean
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Larkin, Maryrose
The Book of Ocean

I believe this was sent to me by the publisher, Catherine Daly. It came out around the same time as my last book, 2007, when I visited Portland, where Maryrose lives, but I can't remember if it was before or after I visited. I am pretty sure it came out after I was there.

Anyhow, Maryrose was one of the many awesome Portland poetry scene people I met when I read there in 2007. I think I had been put in touch with Kaia Sand by Jane Sprague. Kaia then put me in touch with Maryrose. She didn't know me from Adam, but was kind enough to take a look at my book and pass it around to the other members of the Spare Room Collective, who then invited me to read in their series.

I remember Portland having lots of former Buffalo friends living there. Joel Bettridge, Alicia Cohen, Aaron Skomra, Michelle Citrin, Tom Fisher, Tim Shaner (actually, he lives in Ashland, but he came to the reading). I also met the lots of Portland folks in addition to Maryrose, like David Abel and Rodney Koeneke and Chris Piuma.

I remember visiting the Japanese Gardens. I remember drinking coffee at Stumptown Coffee. I remember driving around Reed College with Alicia, who showed me her old apartment down by the railroad tracks. I think she said she'd shared it with Joel Kuszai when they were undergrads there. I remember Powell's books, where I spent a whole afternoon. I remember the food being really good in Portland and very healthy. I remember gossiping with Kathleen Fraser at dinner and talking about her apartment in Rome.

I can't believe that was over three years ago! Seems like only yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, I once again discovered that nothing breeds blog traffic like controversy. After posting about Kent Johnson's new book, traffic to my site increased sixfold!

from The Book of Ocean

from Book of Music

Thoughts distributed rise harder
than those remembered
and forgot always a false
before a true or deep into
lost questions fuse and flux
when I am ready I am done

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