Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aimless Reading: The L's, Part 15 (Andrew Levy)

Levy, Andrew
Democracy Assemblages

I remember when I got this -- sometime in 1996 or 1997 -- but I don't remember where or how. I have a vague sense of having acquired it when I worked at the Segue Foundation in NYC, but that's about it. I love the name of the press: Innerer Klang.

'Klang' really should be spelled with a 'k', don't you think?

I met Andrew Levy a couple of times back in the days.

I have a memory of going out to Paul's Place on 2nd Ave. with Andrew and Dan Machlin and Bull Luoma after a reading. It was one of the first poetry readings I went to in New York, and Dan was sort of showing me around the poetry scene, so he let me tag along. We ate cheeseburgers. Good cheeseburgers. Damn good cheeseburgers.

I described the other time I met Andrew in an earlier post, which you can read here.

from Democracy Assemblages

Personnel Poem

About this gallop out of the nearby with urgency,
the ear a new edible, anthropophagy of "fierce convulse"
or paradise of obscurity, perhaps a choice circus of
until the debts are paid, the dissatisfactions
unruly, wild, non-philosophical, downright

Like Keep Americans Clean, the simplest experience
the litter of a real question, the expression
Criminal, as if the Contras are the President

anemone, Anamnesis...please don't be suspicious, the
mind's White House, all of these things, exists, is
getting married, entering the picture
unfelt, unheard, knuckle down and sleep well, says
the molecules of the star-light the first winds of
waiting upon assembling its oxygen

Ah, that that is reality, or mind, (bio-explosions) in paren-
Thesis, keeping oneself from keeping oneself from

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