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Aimless Reading: The L's, Part 22.1 (Mina Loy)

Becoming Modern
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Burke, Carolyn
Becoming Modern:
The Life of Mina Loy

Purchased at Talking Leaves...Books for a course with Charles Bernstein.

Around the time of this book's publication, Carolyn Burke came to Bernstein's seminar to discuss Mina Loy. I looked up the syllabus this morning -- I was one semester off in my guess about the timing of her visit. It actually took place in the spring of 1998 for a course called "Prose and its Malcontents."

I remember that in those two semesters there were two major poetic "reconsiderations" occurring in similar fashion. In the fall, Kevin Killian came to discuss his then forthcoming biography of Jack Spicer, which was eventually published around the same time as Peter Gizzi's edition of Spicer's lectures.

In the spring, Burke came just after the publication of her biography and not long after the publication of The Lost Lunar Baedecker. For a time it seemed as if everyone was either really into Loy or really into Spicer or both.


On a side note, I acquired a ton of books yesterday. About a year ago, an amazing Buffalo guy named Russell Pawlak died. He was the person who spearheaded the Central Terminal restoration efforts. He was also an avid film goer and reader. I only met him once when he approached me after a Babel event. He was a good friend to Just Buffalo and when he passed a memorial fund was set up in his name to support the Babel series.

Yesterday, his daughter Hadley called and asked us to come over to his apartment, where she was trying to figure out how to dispose of his massive library in a useful manner. I eventually put her in touch with Rust Belt Books, which plans to come take the whole thing -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 books.

While we were going over the shelves, she invited us to take whatever we wanted for ourselves. I took one grocery bag of books and one of DVD's. Here's the list of the books I acquired, in no particular order:

Rimbaud, Arthur, Illuminations
Starkie, Enid, Arthur Rimbaud
Neruda, Pablo, The Heights of Macchu Picchu Tr. Nathaniel Tarn)
Garcia Lorca, Federico, Poet in New York
Garcia Lorca, Federico, Selected Poems
Montale, Eugenio, It Depends: A Poet's Notebook
Snyder Gary, The Back Country
Snyder Gary, Earth House Hold
Snyder Gary, Turtle Island
Snyder Gary, Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems
Li Po, Slected Poems
Bei Dao, Old Snow
Tung-po, Su, Selected Poems
Basho, The Narrow Road and The Deep North
Praeger Film Library, The Films of Robert Bresson
Praeger Film Library, Jean Vigo
Praeger Film Library, The Cinema of Carl Dreyer
Jarry, Alfred, Ubu Roi
Davis, Mike, City of Quartz
Alcalay, Ammiel, Memorie of Our Future
Gombrowicz, Witold, Polish Memories
Gombrowicz, Witold, A Kind of Testament
Gombrowicz, Witold, Ivona, Princess of Burgundia
Gombrowicz, Witold, Cosmos
Gombrowicz, Witold, Pronografia
Multiple authors, A Pattern Language
Berger, John, Ways of Seeing (I used to own this, but lost it)
Bernhard, Thomas, Wittgenstein's Nephew
Bernhard, Thomas, Correction
Didion, Joan, The White Album
Grossman, David, The Zig Zag Kid
Grossman, David, The Smile of the Lamb
Grossman, David, The Yellow Wind
Grossman, David, Death as a Way of Life

Thanks, Russel! R.I.P.

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