Friday, December 24, 2010

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 4 (Niccolò Macchiavelli)

The Prince
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Macchiavelli, Niccolò
The Prince

Purchased at the Fordham University bookstore. I used this an undergraduate course on Renaissance literature. I vaguely remember the course. I clearly remember the professor as being the worst of my undergraduate career -- actually it was a tie between him and my medieval literature professor. He had was quite obese, but had once been skinny, to that his physique resembled a giant pear. He used handwritten lecture notes that had not been updated in at least a decade. For whatever reason, I remember learning the terms "trecento" and "quattrocento" in this class. I even have an image in my head of the pear-shaped professor pronouncing them to the class. And then I think I drifted off to sleep.

from The Prince

All the states and governments that ever had or now have power over men were and are of two sorts: either republics or princely states. And princely states are als of two sorts: either hereditary, where the family of the ruler has been in control for a long time, or else new. And the new ones are either brand new, as Milan was for Francesco Sforza, or they are like grafts freshly joined to the hereditary state of a prince who has acquired them, as the kingdom of Naples was to the kingdom of Spain. New acquisitions are either accustomed to living under a prince, or used to being free, they may be acquired either by force of other people's arms or with one's own, either by fortune or by strength.


tyrone said...

The Prince--pefect antidote to Santa!

Michael Kelleher, North Haven, CT said...

Merry Macchiavellia, T!