Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 6.1 (Nathaniel Mackey)

Splay Anthem
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Mackey, Nathaniel
Splay Anthem

Purchased at Talking Leaves...Books. I may have bought this at his reading in Buffalo in 2007. The sticker says I bought it a few days before he arrived, so I must have bought it in anticipation of the reading.

It took place at the Hallwalls cinema, I believe as part of the Exhibit X series. I sat in the rear, behind a green iron support beam. At the time I was really into taking photos. I'd just returned from a cross country trek with Lori and carried my little point and shoot camera with me everywhere. I took most without a flash, which worked great in strong natural light, but which otherwise created blurry images.

I took a set of ten or so photos of Mackey's reading, all of them blurry. I remember at the time thinking that some of them were interesting. Looking at them again today, they seem less so.

At the reading he talked about Don Cherry, the jazz cornetist. One of his poem sequences is called the Song of Mu, which is named after an album by Don Cherry. I found a vinyl rip of the album on BitTorrent and downloaded it.

It blew my mind. Then it blew my iPod. I thought the file may have been corrupted, but it played fine on my computer and still does. It also plays fine I my newer iPod. Strange, though, it would just stop playing on my old iPod and always on the same song. And then the iPod died. Poor iPod.

You really should check out Mu, though. What an amazing album.

Here's a taste.

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