Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aimless Reading: Two Years In

Two Years In
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Today marks the second anniversary of the Aimless Reading Project.

By my rough count I have covered 628 titles in two years. I think we are about forty percent done with the books in the main library, exclusive of literary journals, reference books and anthologies. I've largely put on hold the interludes between sections of the alphabet that covered these other parts of the library. For some reason they began to feel like a distraction. When I finish one letter of the alphabet I just want to move on to the next. Now I do.

Despite this urgency, my output this year was down significantly from year one. I covered 231 titles, compared with 397 in the first year. This disparity has largely to do with the fact that at the beginning of the project I sometimes wrote on as many as eight titles per day. Many of these entries were relatively brief; however, as I moved into the project I often found I had more to write about than simply where or when I purchased the book and whether or not I'd read it. I began to write longer entries. Sometimes, very long ones.

This, too, has changed somewhat. I try to write every day, lest I break out of the habit, which is a danger in any kind of project like this. I skip a day now and again on the weekends or when things get really busy here in Buffalo literary land. I write mostly medium-length entries. Long enough to pull something useful out of my head, but short enough that I can get to work on time in the morning.

I have gained numerous "followers" through the Networked Blogs application. I have 465 currently, plus another 29 signed up through Google. According to Sitemeter, I had 8,650 visits in the past twelve months. I think that is slightly down from year one, when I recall something like 10,000 visits.

I feel kind of shocked that two years have already passed. It feels like it is going so slowly on a day-to-day basis, but then suddenly and anniversary arrives, which suddenly focuses your attention on the accumulation that has occurred. Like going to bed to snow flurries and waking to half a foot of snow.

(Like last night, for instance.)

Anyhow, thanks to all of you for reading this year. Here's hoping you stick around for another!

Time to go to work.

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