Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 14.3 (Javier Marías)

Tu rostro mañana
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Marías, Javier
Tu rostro mañana:
2 Baile y sueño

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This is part two of the non-trilogy trilogy we began yesterday. I just noticed this morning that I mistakenly said it was divided into six sections when in fact it is divided into seven. The first volume contains "Fiebre" and "Lanza" or "Fever" and "Spear." This one contains "Baile" and "Sueño" or "Dance and "Dream." And the last volume, which is very large, contains three sections, "Veneno" and "Sombra" and "Adiós" or "Poison" "Shadow" and "Goodbye."

What's amazing is that a year later each of these section titles conjures powerful images not only of individual events and scenes in the novel, but about the general movement of the novel as a whole. It's really one of the most amazingly constructed novels I've ever read. It's also probably the most incisive commentary on the covert violence that characterizes much of life in the post-9/11 world.

from Tu rostro mañana: 2 Baile y sueño

Ojalá nunca nadie nos pidiera nada, ni casi nos preguntara, ningún consejo ni favor ni préstamo, ni el de la atención siquiera, ojalá no nos pidieran los otros que los escucháramos, sus problemas míseros y sus penosos conflictos tan idénticos a los nuestros, sus incomprensibles dudas y sus meras historias tantas veces intercambiables...

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