Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 23 (Zachary Mason)

Mason, Zachary
The Lost Books of the Odyssey

Given to me by the original publisher, Ted Pelton.

Apparently, this books so widely regarded it got taken up by a major publishing house, which ended up buying the rights to the book.

I think I actually have two copies. Last year, at the Starcherone Books benefit reading, I won a raffle prize consisting of a complete set of Starcherone titles. I had never won any kind of chance drawing to in my life prior to that.

The complete set sits in a nice gift box, which I have yet to open, mostly because I fear trying to suddenly add 40 or so books to my library. I have already, for all intents and purposes, run out of shelf space, and have yet to figure out where to expand.

from The Lost Books of the Odyssey

The Lost Books of the Odyssey might have remained an enigma of history had it not been for Dr. James Stryszinski. A Columbia-educated computer scientist specializing in cryptography, Dr. Stryszinski had worked for the NSA since 1993 on projects related to the intersection of information theory, data compression and linguistics. His brief was to develop mathematical methods for detecting linguistic communications, possibly encoded, and, in many cases, with no lexicons or grammars available for the languages in question. Essentially, he had to find computationally detectable signs of linguistic structure in the countless ghostly voices and data transmissions acquired by the NSA's eavesdropping nodes.

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