Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 27.1 (Steve McCaffery)

McCaffery, Steve
Knowledge Never Knew

One of the great poetry book covers of all time, I have to say. This was part of a cache of books given to me by the author when I first visited his apartment in Toronto in 1998.

He gave me a tour of his amazing book collection. I remember him asking if there was anything in particular I wanted to see. It felt a little like a challenge, as I recall.

Seeing that much of the collection was comprised of older British literature, I asked if he had anything by the Grub Street writers of the Augustan Age. Turned out he had a pamphlet that had something to do with Pope's "Dunciad." I can't remember if it was a pamphlet attacking Pope or one that Pope satirized in "The Dunciad." It was one or the other.

Flipping through, I see that inside an old chapbook by the author called, "The Scenarios," rests between pages 68 and 69, whence I take today's excerpt. Note: the format of the book does not allow for easy reproduction in this space. So you have to imagine that the top is at the very top of the page and the bottom at the very bottom, both left justified, with lots of empty space between. This format is used throughout the book.

from Knowledge Never Knew

march 12 1529

Charlie Chaplin Dies

performance is merely where the book changes its name

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