Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 45 (Christina Milletti)

Milletti, Christina
The Religious and Other Fictions

Sent me by the publisher. Or given to me by the author. Or sent to me by the publisher at the request of the author. You get the picture.

Christina Milletti is a writer in Buffalo who teaches at the University. She used to have pink hair, but I have heard she now has brown hair. I haven't seen her in a while. When she and her husband Dimitri first moved to Buffalo they rented out the Creeley's firehouse with the intent to buy it.

Lori and I were very excited that someone we knew might live in our neighborhood, which we had just moved into. But they decided otherwise and moved down to the Elmwood Village. We stayed in Black Rock for five years, then we decided otherwise and moved to the Elmwood Village. Now we live around the corner from one another again. End of story.

from The Religious and Other Fictions

Outside the Restaurant Suisse I lay in the ivy. I was flat on my back, the ivy curled around my arm and legs, bucking my chin (tickling me really). A soft vegetal bed. I smelled of shade because it smelled of shade. Of earth, of cool life among leaves, of small stones and the snails beneath them. In the ivy, it is dark and peaceful while I wait for my guests who are touring the city. They have a map (I sold it to them). My map always lead to the Suisse.


distant weenies said...

with a name like that, she should be an author - i would have done a pre-raphaelite type cover myself -w/the postmodern kitsch

distant weenies said...

oops - i just did a tautological link