Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 59.2 (Jennifer Moxley)

Moxley, Jennifer
The Sense Record and other poems

Purchased, I think, at Talking Leaves Books. I believe there are two editions of this book from two separate presses, this, from Edge Books, being the first.

Jennifer came to Buffalo a few years ago and read in one of the Poetics Program series. I think she read with Fred Wah. I remember going to the Allentown Hardware bar after the reading and talking to both of them.

I have a recollection of writing something about Jennifer for Artvoice. Maybe a review or an email interview. If I did, I cannot find it online. Either I am making this up or it exists, along with several of the articles I wrote for the paper, in a kind of pre-website limbo. Many of the interview and reviews I wrote back in the day are now online, but an equal number are not.


I wrote a capsule review of Often Capital in Artvoice, which I just re-discovered on my computer. It mentions this The Sense Record in the review because Often Capital, her third book, actually predates both her first and second books in terms of dates of composition.

See, I am not making things up.

Here's a recording of Jennifer reading, "On This Side Nothing," from The Sense Record and other poems:

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