Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 60 (Daniel Rodríguez Mujica)

Mujica, Daniel Rodríguez
El libro de las traducciones

Given to me by the author in Havana in 2001. Have ten years gone by since I was in Cuba? Wow. I guess so.

Daniel Mujica (or Muxica, as he sometimes spells it) is an Argentine poet and publisher. For a while I had a subscription to his literary magazine, Los rollos del mal muerto, one of my all time favorite titles.

"Rollos del mall muerto" is a pun on the phrase "Rollos del mar muerto," which means "Dead Sea Scrolls." Changing 'mar' to 'mal' (evil) makes it "The Evil Dead Scrolls." A man after my own heart.

The magazine was actually printed on rolled sheets and sent wrapped in a corrugated cardboard cover. It was a pain in the ass to read and also to put back in the tube when you were done, but I loved the idea!

from El libro de las traducciones

hablar gritar te lo dije vieja de mierda treinta años antes este segundo lo advertí grietas justifican el próximo silencio los labios la mano empieza a caer hace treinta años desde el golpe anterior al golpe anterior

Quick translation by me:

to speak to scream I told you you old shit thirty years before this second I warned you screams justify the next silence the lips the hand begins to fall thirty years before the blow before the blow before

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