Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 61 (Harryette Mullen)

Trimmings by Michael_Kelleher
Trimmings, a photo by Michael_Kelleher on Flickr.

Mullen, Haryette

I think I got this through a project I worked on called The Al Poulin Project.

I got the job through James Sherry and worked on it for two years beginning in 1997. I was funded by the NY State Council on the Arts and the idea was to help get a wider distribution within the state of the work published by independent presses.

I spent a year researching public libraries across the state and then putting together a set of sample boxes of work from each press, which were shipped along with catalogs and order forms to all of the public library systems.

This entry came from Lee Ann Brown's Tender Buttons. All the other books from this project used to have a little sticker on them marking them as coming from the project, so I must have grabbed one that didn't have the sticker. I seem to remember giving it away.

from Trimmings

Becoming, for a song. A belt becomes such a small waist. Snakes around her, wrapping. Add waist to any figure, subtract, divide. Accessories multiply a look. Just the thing, a handy belt suggests embrace. Sucks her in. She buckles. Smiles, tighter. Quick to spot a bulge below the belt.

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Anonymous said...

peek-a-boo - "you know what they say, 'big nose, black pelt: you can't tell what's behind the belt" from vittorio de sica's "the garden of the finzi continis"

what a cool job you had!