Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aimless Reading: The M's, Part 63.2 (Haruki Murakami)

Murakami, Haruki
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Purchased at Talking Leaves…Books.

Like the other eight books by Murakami on my shelves, this one remains unread. I have actually started it a couple of times, but never got past the first few pages. Nothing to do with the book, really, just timing.

I think the period during which Lori was reading all of these books coincided with my Summer of Reading In Spanish, which turned into a Year Plus of Reading in Spanish. While I was reading ONLY in Spanish, I would often feel guilty about picking up books written or translated into English.

Twice while I waited for books in Spanish to arrive in the mail or at Talking Leaves I picked up this book, putting it down again as soon as the new one arrived. In fact, I am actually reading in Spanish again right now. The new novel by Javier Marías, Los enamoramientos, arrived by DHL from Spain the other day and I am already immersed in it.

I tried to get him to come to Buffalo, too, but to no avail. Sigh.

from The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

When the phone rang I was in the kitchen, boiling a potful of spaghetti and whistling along with an FM broadcast of the overture to Rossini's The Thieving Magpie, which has to be the perfect music for cooking pasta.

I wanted to ignore the phone, not only because the spaghetti was nearly done, but because Claudio Abbado was bringing the London Symphony to its musical climax. Finally, though, I had to give in. It could have been somebody with news of a job opening. I lowered the flame, went to the living room, and picked up the receiver.

"Ten minutes, please," said a woman on the other end.

I'm good at recognizing people's voices, but this was not one I knew.

"Excuse me? To whom did you wish to speak?"

"To you, of course. Ten minutes, please. That's all we need to understand each other." Her voice was low and soft but otherwise nondescript.

"Understand each other?"

"Each other's feelings."

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Great blog. I too was recently at Talking Leaves to see a couple of Canadian authors. here is a link to an article about it

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Thanks for reading!