Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aimless Reading: The N's, Part 2 (Gregory Nagy)

Nagy, Gregory
Poetry as Performance

Purchased at Talking Leaves...Books for a course with Charles Bernstein called, "Textual Conditions."

I remember reading this in tandem with Havelock's The Muse Learns To Write. I also remember being surprised that the last name, "Nagy," was pronounced, "Nahzh." I became doubly confused because at the time (1997), the Cleveland Indians, who were then at the apex of their 90's greatness, knocking out the Yankees in the ALDS and going on to lose in seven to the Marlins in the world series, had a star pitcher, Eric Nagy, who pronounced it "Neggy."

I remember watching the decisive game of that series, when Sandy Alomar homered off Mariano Rivera to tie the game. I was sitting in a bar in Niagara Falls, Ontario along with several poets -- Joel Kuszai, Lee Ann Brown, Bill Howe, possibly Taylor Brady and Brent Cunningham. I remember everyone was talking about poetry, while I kept looking over their shoulders to watch the game. Once it was over, I went back to talking about poetry.

from Poetry as Performance

Let us begin with a passage from epic, where epic is representing lyric, no epic. Specifically the lyric for is a long of lament. Penelope is at the moment comparing herself to a nightingale, the typical songbird of lament in ancient Greek traditions, who in a previous life had been a woman who suffered the ultimate grief if "inadvertently" killing her own child....

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