Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aimless Reading: The N's, Part 9 (Hoa Nguyen)

Hecate Lochia by Michael_Kelleher
Hecate Lochia, a photo by Michael_Kelleher on Flickr.
Nguyen, Hoa
Hecate Lochia

Sent to me by the author, inscribed. In fact, it was sent exactly two years ago yesterday, according to the inscription:

To Michael–

"today winks
with fullness"

See you in Feb


Austin TX
*Solstice* 2009

Hmm...I guess that could also be the winter solstice. Hoa read in the Big Night series in February 2010. I also took her over to Buffalo State for a visit to Gregg Biglieri's poetry class. I remember someone asked how to pronounce her last name and she replied, 'Win,' as in 'victory'.

I'd met Hoa one other time, a few years earlier, at a party in New York at Kim Rosenfield and Rob Fitterman's apartment. It was during the AWP conference. Their apartment is located in the center of the NYU campus, on about the tenth floor, and looks north toward Washington Sq. It is lined with books.

I remember sitting on an ottoman chatting with Hoa while everyone else in the room was standing. I don't remember what we talked about, but I think I gave her a copy of Human Scale, which had just come out.

A torn fragment of a Lonely Planet Guide bookmark sits between pages 54 and 55, whence I take today's excerpt.

from Hecate Lochia


I'm driving from the back seat
have to dive over the front seat
to get to the brakes there's glass
on the floor from my freak-out fury

Attach an email printout to your naked hip
to show how pissed off you are

We stayed at a farm called North Farm
You can't name it "Dolittle"
after the farm-to-marker road

Drought may be "broken"
by El Niño rain
cold front
bubbly birthday wine

Why did you no don't say it

"Catastrophic global disruptions"
predicted by 2100

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