Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aimless Reading: The O's Part 15.16 (Charles Olson)

Maximus to Gloucester by Michael_Kelleher
Maximus to Gloucester, a photo by Michael_Kelleher on Flickr.
Olson, Charles
Maxiumus to Gloucester
The Letters of Charles Olson to the Editor of the Gloucester Daily Times, 1962-1969

Purchased at The Bookstore in Gloucester, MA, used, for fifteen dollars. Not sure when I bought it. I have been to gloucester four or five times, but I feel like I acquired this on one of the more recent trips. Next to it on my shelf I also keep a copy of the Gloucester Daily Times, dated January 18, 1968. Mike Basinski sent it to me many years ago when the UB Poetry Collection was doing a routine cleaning. It contains one of Olson's letters that is not collected here.

A huge picture of LBJ giving the state of the union adorns the front cover.

It's very possible I was conceived on this very day -- I was born nine months and eight days later and I came out about ten days late.

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Anonymous said...

somewhere i have a clipping from gloucester times of letter my dad wrote to editor "former cia: joe is back in town" he was former cia but about 50 years prior (agent provacateurs in thailand --stage for vietnam - "smuggle please mule train heroin" - chief of police asked.

1968 a furious year- everything changed and the world never caught up -u.s. anyway

regular guys in gloucester, most, never understood what the hell olson was writing about, my impression, though some knew and respected him at post office

sometimes ferrini would leave us a copy of his latest - clerks: "what the hell does this mean?" him dark shades and beatnikish