Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aimless Reading: The O's, Part 5.10 (Charles Olson)

Olson, Charles
Olson: The Journal of the Charles Olson Archives, Number 9

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Thanks again to Richard Deming, Literary Outlaw, for leaving a link in the comment box yesterday. In case you missed it, it linked to a full frame image of the photo I described in yesterday's entry. It's worth taking a second look at.

In the full frame, the shadows of the trees are much more apparent than in the cropped version on the cover of the journal. Also, the branches I described as bamboo look more like vines. The one that I said seemed to be growing out of the poet's head still appears to be doing so, but it also looks to be tenuously connected to a vine at the lower righthand corner of the frame.

Another detail that alters somewhat my perception of the photo, or rather its intent, is Olson's vest. I can now see that it is not a vest but a cardigan sweater. Further, though it is, as I said, buttoned up to the top, it is not buttoned down to the bottom. The lower two buttons are undone, hinting at something more disheveled.

Richard wrote an introduction to several of Williams' Black Mountain photos, which you can read here.

from Olson: The Journal of the Charles Olson Archives, Number 9

Shag Rock

the positive: the mythological
(the world, the mundus:
round. No explanation.

All that happens is eternal.
No examples. No 'proving'

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