Monday, September 12, 2011

Aimless Reading: The O's, Part 5.28 (Charles Olson)

Pleistocene Man by Michael_Kelleher
Pleistocene Man, a photo by Michael_Kelleher on Flickr.
Olson, Charles
Pleistocene Man

Purchased at St. Mark's Books. Second printing. I don't know why I am suddenly aware of which printing I have of Olson's books, but for some reason I am.

There'smtalk that St. Mark's Books might have to close. That would be a damn shame. That was my primary source of books from 1991-1997. When I first moved to the East Village, it was still on St. Mark's Place proper. I only went to that location once or twice and was not particularly fond of it. It had lots of space, but it always felt like they were short on stock. But when they moved over to the current location, it became my go-to place for books, especially poetry and theory books. Still, whenever I visit the city, I end up meeting someone there so I can check out current recommendations for new books and also see which ones end up in the window displays, etc.

I must have been visiting from Buffalo when I bought Pleistocene Man, as I hadn't read much Olson before I came here, and I probably wouldn't have noticed a little pamphlet like this without any prior knowledge of the subject.

from Pleistocene Man

My dear Jack, Fortunately, as usual, I am not free but I did want to offer you my impression that the unusual, and only maybe Jung's grabbing of Alchemy a comparable opportunity, is Pleistocene,

whichever end you take, either the 'beginnings,' at this end, of say, 4000 Before Christ (5000 –and Mellaart's & others recent work in Asia Minor...But I could show you passages in Hawkes, in which he was, so far as I am aware. the first man to conceive that the reason why there is no Mesolithic in Near Eastern sites generally [as against Europe] is conceivably a direct continuance during Pluvial and Sub-Boreal of Paleolithic into the hands of the Earliest "Civilization creators."

And as the date of the last Ice has, I believe also shrunk, one can remove any Stone Age impression–which actually I have a hunch even most or all of the sd persons in front of you retain and won't lose (any more than they easily lost literary-isms) unless almost like Hepzibah you keep a good candy store in the House of the Seven Sable-Toothed Lives...

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Anonymous said...

you are lucky to have frequented St. Mark's - sort of the CBGB's of poets, in my mind (see Patti Smith's performance at same on Giorno poetry systems lp)

it seems the glaciers are now kicking our ass w/icemelt - i wonder how that plays into the collective unconscious?