Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aimless Reading: The O's, Part 10.1 (Joel Oppenheimer)

Oppenheimer, Joel
In Time: Poems 1962-1968

As with yesterday's title, this was given to me by someone at the UB Poetry Collection -- either Mike Basinski or Matt Chambers. I am not sure I have ever opened it. I'll do it now. There. I did it. Here's what I read:

from In Time: Poems 1962-1968

Education: The Museum of Our Youth

hang them up on the wall, the
powms you/ve written, it
doesn/t matter. it doesn/t

even matter my dear friend
if they possess him yard and all.

hang them up on the wall even
if only for esthetics they/ll
bang away at them. every man
a critic that/s the way the
world goes. they/ll all tell
you how to do it, and be amazed
you keep on doing it. ever
try to screw with van der velde
looking on? or shoot yourself
up next to rimbaud? look, what
we need is a museum of our youth
so we/ll remember where it is
we came from


That's not the whole thing, but I've got to get to work....

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