Monday, December 5, 2011

Aimless Reading: The P's, Part 38 (Michael Pollan)

The Botany of Desire
Pollan, Michael
The Botany of Desire

This book belongs to Lori. I think I bought it for her at Talking Leaves, but I am not one hundred percent certain. I haven't read it myself, though, as ever, I intend to.

The discussion of a potential change to our diets began in earnest once Lori started reading Michael Pollan. I was a heavy carnivore my entire life. Lori says she rarely ate meat before she met me. Once we moved in together, she says her diet changed. For many years she made mention of this fact, but acceded to my dietary demands.

Then she read Michael Pollan. She began telling stories of the meat and corn industries and how eating meat every night was starting to disgust her.  I am not sure how we got from there to deciding one night to stop eating meat and poultry.

Our last meal, so to speak, took place at an Ethiopian restaurant in Rochester. It was called Abyssinia. We ate there before going to see an insane Japanese haunted house film from the 60's called "Hausu," or "House," at the Dryden Theater. Donna White was with us, as was Gregg Biglieri. I am not sure if Geoffrey Gatza, Donna's partner, was there or not. Something tells me he wasn't. We shared small portions of all the meat and vegetable dishes on the menu.

After that night we stopped eating meat and poultry. Just like that. Very little discussion, no relapses. It's been about a year an a half, and neither of us really miss it, largely, I think, because Lori is such an incredible cook and is able to conjure meals each night tastier and more filling than most of the meat dishes we used to make.

For instance, last night she made this:

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