Saturday, December 10, 2011

Aimless Reading: The P's, Part 41.1 (Francis Ponge)

Mute Object of Expression
Ponge, Francis
Mute Objects of Expression

Purchased online, I think. Looks like I got as far as page 106. That's where my bookmark still sits. It is an advertisement for the Buffalo New Book Club, featuring the autobiography of Andre Agassi. I never read that one. I doubt I will.

I do remember, however, talking to his publicity person at Random House, who also happens to be the in-house booking agent for Edwidge Danticat. At one point last year she left me a message saying she would be unavailable for a couple of weeks while she went on tour with Andre to help promote his book.

 from Mute Objects of Expression

And finally, for the rest of it, for a certain number of fine attributes that I might have neglected to draw out, well, dear reader, be patient! Some fine day a critic will surely happen along, perceptive enough to reproach me for this eruption into literature by my wasp in a manner that’s importunate, annoying, impetuous, and trifling all at once, to denounce the halting pace of these notes, their disorderly, zigzag presentation, to fret over the taste for brilliant discontinuity, for a sting without depth though not without danger, not without the venomous tail which they disclose – in short, with great arrogance, to call down upon my work all the epithets it merits.

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