Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aimless Reading: The R's, Part 17.4 (Lisa Robertson)

Robertson, Lisa

Sent to me by the publisher. A note written on the business card of one Viola Funk, Publisher's Assistant at New Star books, was wedged between the last page of the last eclogue and the epilogue. Written on the reverse of the card in red ink is the the following note:

                    Fri 26.11.99
Hi Mike,
Sorry these're so 
late–we only just
got them!
                    (There's a 
                       doodle or scribble 
                     of some 
                         sort here)
So that means this was sent along with, most likely, a stack of other books to be sold at the reading itself. I don't remember if we ended up giving the stack to Lisa or sending them back to New Star.

I do remember talking about this re-print with Lisa when she was in town. I can't remember if the re-print corrected something from the original edition or if it left out something she had liked about the original, but I remember her expressing dissatisfaction with one or the other.

Well, that's the end of Lisa Robertson. Say, "Goodbye, Lisa. Goodbye!"

from EXeclogue
I'm afraid I'll be misunderstoof
Asleep and sleeping in the clear magnificent
Misunderstood morning like a dahlia
Or some other flower with the strong odour of clothing

I am reminded of my conceit

By a row of pale scars on the ceiling
Whose shy origin I shouldn't identify

Speech bites into my walls
Maybe for that I will never forget the bus
In my dream of an intersection
We eat and hear as we relax

We felt this as the cabinet swung open
We felt a strong burst of vitality

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