Monday, February 20, 2012

Aimless Reading: The R's, Part 19 (John Roche)

Roche, John

Given to me by the author, a Rochester-based poet who also got his PhD from the University at Buffalo. Inscribed:

For Mike Kelleher,

Fellow toiler 

for all 
you do!

John Roche 


In addition to his great work in the Rochester area, John's been a force on the Olson/Black Mountain scene these past few years, having organized the Black Mountain North Conference at RIT last year, which was a lot of fun.

from Topicalities

Virtual Wendell Berry

Rushed out of work and onto the freeway

burning fossil fuels
to get to reading by the famous farmer poet
hear why we need to slow down to mule-speed
and learn to jettison consumerist dissatisfactions
become human beings in human-scaled communities
once again

But first I'm shunted into snaking line around reflecting pool

at the art museum
then herded along with a hundred or more ethical sheep
into the overflow pen (wainscoted and elegant)
to watch our contemporary Thoreau
over live videostream
get an award for truth-telling

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a local state university branch
and a globalizing bank

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