Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aimless Reading: The R's, Part 28 (Linda Russo)

Russo, Linda

Given to me by the author on a visit to Buffalo in 2008. Inscribed:

For Mike,

With gratitude &
In Friendship–


Tucson 2007 Buffalo 2008

Linda is an old friend and classmate of mine from the poetics program. She goes all the way back to the primordial soup of my time in Buffalo. I can remember helping her unpack when she arrived in the summer of 1998. She and Chris Alexander had just moved here from Utah. They rented a large apartment over on Hodge St. that became one of the social centers of the program.

For a couple of years they ran a reading series on the last Friday of the month out of the apartment. There was always food and drink and interesting pairings of poetics students and poets visiting from out of town. I remember they immediately got two cats and named one of them Kyger. I don't remember what they called the other one.

Chris eventually moved out and then into the apartment below me on College St., where he was a de facto roommate. Linda lived in a few other places while she was here and then ended up out in Oklahoma for a couple of years. She set up a reading for me and Charles Alexander there in the fall of 2007.

A year or so later she moved to Pullman, Washington where, in addition to writing, she has apparently taken up gardening.

from Mirth

Perfecto Fiesta

my party
that made
me cry---

it's my 
dress they
the way
the sway

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