Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 3.1 (Jerome Sala)

Look Slimmer Instantly
Sala, Jerome
Look Slimmer Instantly

Given to me by the author. Inscribed:

For Mike
From Jerome

I brought Jerome to Buffalo along with Elaine Equi in, I think 2006 or 7. I can't quite recall. I'd had both of them read here separately on previous occasions, but never on the same bill. They read in the back of Rust Belt Books. The other time I brought Jerome was early on in my Buffalo days. He read with Charles Bernstein, an inspired pairing IMHO.

Seeing Elaine and Jerome read together was also a pleasure, and not just because they're married. Both treat popular culture in their work, but in very different ways. Whereas Elaine's approach is more introspective and personal, teasing out hidden meanings behind cultural signifiers, Jerome celebrates and critiques pop culture's flatness, spray painting over top of it to achieve his poetic effect.

They're quite complementary, those two.

Look Slimmer Instantly

Read this poem.

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