Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 6 (Kaia Sand)

Sand, Kaia

Sent to me by the author.

In 2007 Kaia helped me set up a reading at the Spare Room series in Portland, OR by putting me in touch with Maryrose Larkin. We exchanged books, though we never got a chance to meet.

It is inscribed:


For Michael:

Toward future conversations!


"hope is resistance to soundbites"

My bookmark is at page 41. The poem is called "Cordials."


some kind of public

house, warming
hut, citizen's hall

belonging to the heart.

all things which be cordial,

that is to say, which do in any way
comfort the heart.

and that I laugh.

aromatized and sweetened.

casting forms on
nightly walls, lovely
people, lovely man.
I come to think
my way to the next
day, but tonight,
cordiality, a tipped

a daughter
I am at the wake.

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