Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 10 (Kyle Schlesinger)

Schablone Berlin
Koebel, Caroline
Schlesinger, Kyle

Schablone Berlin

Given to me by the authors. Inscribed:

To Mike:

With Love


This book contains photos of stencil graffiti art taken by Caroline in Berlin in 2004 as well as a theoretical essay by Kyle. I remember the two of them left for Berlin and then returned parents. I think they stayed in Buffalo another year or two after that, then moved on to Brooklyn and eventually to Austin, TX, where they now reside.

I saw Kyle just before I left Buffalo at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. We didn't get much of a chance to talk, as we were furiously packing every free moment we had. It was nice to see him, though. I think of Kyle and Caroline every time I see stencil art on a wall, in much the same way I think of my friend, artist Julian Montague, every time I see a stray shopping cart.

There's a piece of stencil art in Buffalo I used to encounter on my morning walk around the block with the dog that used to always make me think of them. Painted onto the lower righthand corner of a beige-green postal relay box, it depicted a "blue-skinned gypsy sipping soda from a straw." I put that in quotes because it ended up in part of series of prose poems I wrote about my late autumn walks with Zelda in 2010.

from Schablone Berlin

A makeshift light box fashioned from an old desk drawer in the sunroom. Patterns traced on onionskin paper. Graphite inscribed leaves set upon sheets of transparent mylar and incised precisely. Doves, hearts and other emblematic glimpses of colonial Americana interwoven with vegetative borders appearing on the kitchen table, stools, stairs, bathroom walls, and on various headboards about the premises. Fated, faded, haggard. Colloquial, familiar, settling into. Place this locating quality, or the particular scent of these paints becoming the resin of an irrevocable impressions. The freeze frame comes in mid-air--but in writing this, I have yet to scratch the surface.

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