Sunday, April 15, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 10.1 (Kyle Schlesinger)

Hello Helicopter
Schlesinger, Kyle
Hello Helicopter

Given to me by the author on the occasion of our double book launch at Rust Belt Books in Buffalo in November 2007. Inscribed:

For Mike,

"Living ink saunters"
with love and admiration,


We read together after I had just returned from a month's worth of readings out west. I remember there was an indigent man sitting in the back row, quite drunk. He heckled me throughout the reading. After a while, the banter between the two of us became a part of the show. Kevin Thurston, as I recall, sat next to the man, writing down everything he said, turning the words into something of a found poem. I wrote about it here. You can also view photos of the event here. While I am linking, I should also post this article about me in today's Buffalo news. I hate the picture, but I guess the rest is okay. Although I should state for the record that I did NOT teach Howl to "schoolchildren." None of them were under 16!

from Hello Helicopter

from BIG FOOT: An Essay on Abjection

Yellow ribbons tied around trees and fingers. Ceases to remember.
Clear-cut. Mustn't make a mark in the clearing lest it connote superstition.

The pedometer drops on the windshield. I forget that oblivion is constant.

It is almost dawn and Jerry has left the camp. Not there.

The heel, the ball of the foot, five toes. And how is that?

Is is banished. Is it daylight? Is Jerry crew?

Standing near a bulldozer.

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