Monday, April 16, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 11 (Gershom Scholem)

Scholem, Gershom

Purchased online. This, like many of the books on my shelves, could be filed under Paul Celan. It was one of so many that I read under the influence of his poetry and thought.

I can picture myself reading it in bed at night at our old house in the Black Rock section of Buffalo The word "seraphim" keeps popping into my head, but when I look into the book I realize that the word I am probably remembering is "sefirot." I recall that the sefirot are some kind of emanation or some such.

While my catholic upbringing definitely formed in my consciousness a melancholy disposition constantly searching for a god that will never return, I have to say that mysticism is pretty much lost on me.

I recall this book getting very blurry in my imagination at some point as I tried to visualize all these "emanations" and so forth. The same thing occurred when I read Dante. The first two books made perfect sense to me, but when I got to all the seraphic visions of the Paradiso, I began to doze off.

So, let me say here and now that I am not a mystic. I know. Shocking!

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