Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 18 (Lynda Norene Shaffer)

Native Americans Before 1492
Shaffer, Lynda Norene
Native Americans Before 1492: The Moundbuilding Centers of the Eastern Woodlands

Purchased online.

This could be filed under "Olson." I bought after reading something by Olson where he mentioned the moundbuilders, probably an essay. I can't recall which one.

A few years ago, Lori and I visited the famous Serpent Mound in Ohio. We had built up our excitement so that we planned on finding a hotel and staying overnight. However, as much as we did enjoy exploring the site, we were done in a couple of hours. We ended up staying the night in Louisville, the second stop on our cross-country trek. Louisville was kind of dull.

For the next few weeks I will be showing off my nearly complete Yale Shakespeare collection. It could take over a month to get through it. I'll have to figure out some creative ways to photograph the volumes, as most of the spine and cover text is faded and the covers are all identical.

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