Friday, April 13, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 9.3 (Leslie Scalapino)

The Front Matter, Dead Souls
Scalapino, Leslie
The Front Matter, Dead Souls

Note sure how I acquired this one. Like Considering how exaggerated music is, it may also have come from the Just Buffalo archive. I think it is more likely that this one did than the other.

I am getting lots of extra hits today thanks to an interview with Geoffrey Gatza by Anis Shivani in the Huffington Post about the latest incident in the ongoing Blazevox Controversy.

If you aren't aware, the NEA has banned authors like me from counting our Blazevox books as publications on our applications for grants, suggesting that because some authors were asked to contribute to the publication of their book, all of us should be tarred as vanity poets, whether we contributed financially or not. Not that I planned on applying for a grant, but still, wake up NEA, we're in the 21st Century! Gatekeepers are irrelevant.

You can read the interview it here:

The interview links to my two previous statements on the controversy. Hence, the extra traffic.

Robert Archambeau tries this morning to put the concept of self-publishing and so-called vanity publishing within the context of modernist innovative poetry in a brief blog entry here:

While I am posting links, I should post this one, which is from a few weeks ago on the Buffalo News blog. It's about my work in Buffalo, mostly, but it also includes a snapshot review of Aimless Reading:

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