Friday, May 18, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 19.14 (William Shakespeare)

As You Like It
Shakespeare, William
As You Like It

When I was in college, the drama school at Fordham staged a production of As You Like It at the Lincoln Center Campus. I went to school at the Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx. I remember they had a free shuttle van that would take you between campuses. It only ran until about 10 PM, as I recall, making it pretty useless for late night returns from Manhattan. Many a student got mugged walking back to campus from the  two Fordham Rd. trains stations at 3 AM after a night of partying in the city. I wonder if they've changed that?

I remember my imagination kind of running off upon hearing the phrase "the forest of arden." It always seemed like a magical place to run off to.

I have seen As You Like It staged on at least one other occasion. Hmmm... Central Park? Delaware Park in Buffalo? Looking at the list of past productions in Central Park, it seems likely I saw it there. I don't really remember the production, though, so who knows. It is also possible I saw it in Delaware Park, as it was also staged there during my time in Buffalo. Maybe I have seen it three times.

I have not seen the Kenneth Branagh film.

from As You like it

Wedding is great Juno's crown:
O blessed bond of board and bed!
'Tis Hymen peoples every town;
High wedlock then be honoured:
Honour, high honour and renown,
To Hymen, god of every town!

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