Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 19.18 (William Shakespeare)

All's Well That Ends Well
Shakespeare, William
All's Well That Ends Well

I don't think I have ever seen this play performed or adapted. And I haven't read it either. When I bought this set I read quickly through the histories, then started on the tragedies I hadn't read before. I think I stopped at the tragedies I had read and never made it to the comedies at all.

Yesterday at work, however, I did read about this play.

As you can imagine, there are very strict rules about eating in the Beinecke library. Any consumption of beverages or food must take place in the staff lounge. It's a very nicely appointed lounge, with a full working kitchen, mid-century modern decor including comfortable leather sofas and chairs, and some rather pristine artwork from the collection hanging on the walls.

The library subscribes to the print editions of many different literary and professional publications, some of which end up on the tables in the lounge. One of these is, naturally, the TLS. There always seem to be five or six of the most recent issues lying around. I generally like to read the back page, which is a sort of a comment section.

In the issue I read yesterday, someone was attacking someone else's study that called into question Shakespeare's authorship of this play, saying that the same line of reasoning had already been once pursued and discredited.People never get bored talking about Shakespeare, I guess. But are they really talking about Shakespeare? Or something else entirely? A question for another day, perhaps.

from All's Well That Ends Well

You shall find of the king a husband, madam; you, 
sir, a father: he that so generally is at all times 
good must of necessity hold his virtue to you; whose 
worthiness would stir it up where it wanted rather 
than lack it where there is such abundance. 

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