Saturday, June 16, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 19.37 (William Shakespeare)

The Merry Wives of Windsor
Shakespeare, William
The Merry Wives of Windsor

Finally, the end of Shakespeare!

This is the 39th volume of the 40 volume set. I am, as I have mentioned, missing the biography of Shakespeare that completes the set.

As I had suspected, I did repeat the heading title in one of the posts, "The S's, Part 19.5." Rather than go back and adjust the numbers for every single title, I decided to change the second entry to 19.5.1, hence the fact that we are only at 19.37 today instead of 19.38. I don't put a decimal point after the first entry for an author, which accounts for the fact that we are not today at 19.38.

Isn't that exciting?

Anyhow, I think I saw this play performed at Shakespeare in delaware Park in Buffalo. Looking at the past production history, it appears they staged it twice during my time in Buffalo.

Speaking of Buffalo, I have to say I got a little nostalgic for Western New York watching Nick Wallenda walk on a tightrope across Niagara Falls last night. I have visited the falls countless times over the years. Lori and I went on our first date there. We got married there. And I have probably driven half the writers on the planet for visits to the falls.

But the nostalgia was more for the sense of community in Buffalo. When events like this, which paint the region in a good light, take place, everyone gets genuinely excited. A great swelling of community pride commingles with a powerful sense of togetherness. It is a feeling unique to Buffalo. I won't try to describe it any further. I'll just say it exists and I sometimes miss it.

from The Merry Wives of Windsor

Have I laid my brain in the sun and dried it, that
it wants matter to prevent so gross o'erreaching as
this? Am I ridden with a Welsh goat too? shall I
have a coxcomb of frize? 'Tis time I were choked
with a piece of toasted cheese.

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