Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 22 (Frank Sherlock and Brett Evans)

Ready-to-Eat Individual
Sherlock, Frank & Evans, Brett

This book presents an interesting dilemma to the would-be librarian. In most situations, it would be shelved under "E" for "Evans," as his "E" comes before "S" in the alphabet. However, it is pretty clear that Frank Sherlock's name has been placed first deliberately, thus confusing the alphabetical situation.

I chose to put it under "S" for "Sherlock" mostly because of this, and partly because I bought it from Frank, who read it without Brett Evans present. Since I don't know and have never met Brett Evans, it is more difficult for me to relate to the book to him. I see the two names and I think of Frank with his spiky hair and dark beard and everything else goes blank.

In my mind, it is, however unfairly, a book by Frank Sherlock.

Frank read from this book in Buffalo right around the time it came out. It was at Hallwalls cinema, I believe, and he read with Logan Ryan Smith. There's a photo of me and Aaron Lowinger and Logan floating around on the internet somewhere. We're standing outside of Babeville in Buffalo. It's still light out, though the sun seems to be setting. Aaron and I both smile at Ryan, who appears to be telling a story. Frank is not in the picture for some reason, though he was probably standing within a few feet of the frame.

Actually, I took a whole set of photos from the reading, which you can see here.

from Ready-To-Eat-Individual

It has been determined
years ago that I will
          never learn          The saints may never
prosper here so many 
martyrs so many blessings
to never be rewarded
I will not believe this
because I am from Philadelphia

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