Friday, July 6, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's Part 29 (Justin Sirois)

Secondary Sound
Sirois, Justin
Secondary Sound

Given to me by the author. I think it was at the first or second Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.

I had an alienating language moment this morning while typing out the title of this book.

I kept staring at the word "secondary" in the title, thinking I had spelled it wrong.

I looked it over once, twice, a third time. It still looked wrong.

I checked it letter for letter, left to right. Nothing.

I ran it through spell check. Fine.

This all occurred while I was uploading the photo to flickr. In the newer version of the uploader, you add all of the info: title, tags, sets, etc., before uploading it. When you type out the title in the dialog box it simultaneously appears under the photo itself, just as it will appear on the website.

Maybe it was the mirroring that was throwing me off. Once the image arrived at its destination online, everything looked fine.

from Secondary Sound

the chime should & the chime will learn new things

the chime will alert the cellphone owner when a person is sending a text & it should sound like a cinder block through a bay window in the early morning or a hummingbird flocked with powdered sugar. I'll take this xylophone hammer to your reclined ribcage to illustrate the pitch. Please lie down & blouse loosely the boardroom; think of us as working vacation; thinking of the ceiling as a field of probability, the parking garage above us is a drum, a sieve & an empty

there is a real communication problem when I can't find any bars

now that you're comfortable in our economic cocoon
look at the graphs we've provided &
spoon portable narcotics

the repairing sickles & tum
tumbling ringing crescents that red rover 
white ravers


Justin Sirois said...

Thank you, sir. I should send you a copy of this:

Michael Kelleher, New Haven, CT said...

Yes, do! 325 Humphrey St, New Haven, CT 06511

Hope all is well in B'More!