Sunday, July 15, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's Part 34.1 (Dale Smith)

Smith, Dale

Given to me by the publisher, the inimitable Richard Owens. The letter-pressed wrap fits around the cover. The wrap is glued to the cover itself, but only on the front. The back is loose. On my copy, the back flap was mis-folded by a quarter of an inch. It sticks out about that far. The book is inscribed:

Dale Smith (signature)

For Mike

"ingesting the word"

Buffalo 2008

I believe Richard brought Dale to Buffalo a second (possibly even a third) time in 2008. There was a party at their apartment.

I remember there being stacks of books out for people to take with them.

I can see all the food laid out on the dining room table.

I remember baby carrots and dip.

I remember sitting on the couch in the living room at the front of the house and looking at Richard's records and posters.

I have seen Dale a few times since then, perhaps most memorably when we ran into each other on the streets of Gloucester during the Charles Olson Centennial. We popped into a local bar for an afternoon drink (soda for me, natch), then took a guided tour of Dogtown led by Jonathan Skinner. All three of us read that night in a group reading at an old church. It was quite a night. All kinds of amazing people read: Ed Sanders and Kristen Prevallet and Ammiel Alcalay and the list goes on.

Dale and Hoa Nguyen moved to Toronto and started coming down for lots of events in the months just before we pulled up stakes and headed off to New Haven. Alas.

from Susquehanna

In Europe young men planned

a utopia on the banks

                        of the Susquehanna

properties freely shared

                                      in sensus communis

a dream that men and women

                        would partake equally

in the resources of this land

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