Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's Part 36.1 (Rod Smith)

Music or Honesty
Smith, Rod
Music or Honesty

I can't remember where I got this. Either I bought at one of Rod's readings in Buffalo, or I did not. It's also possible that he gave it to me when he came to the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair a few years ago.

I love the title of this book.

Some days I think it sets up an equivalence between the two terms, as in Music, or Honesty, or Music = Honesty.

Others I picture a wealthy, gay couple laying about in their ridiculously luxurious Manhattan apartment trying to figure what to do for the day. One of them, spread out on the divan, smoking a cigarette, says to the other, I just can't decide, Music or Honesty?

Still others I picture a big goon out of a 1940's crime flick. He's got his hand in the right pocket of his overcoat, suggestive of a gun, though it's hard to tell if he actually has one. He's pointing the bulge towards a man in the corner on a bed. All he has to do is pull the trigger.

What'll it be, kid? Music, or honesty?

from Music or Honesty

capsized bubbles scott-free & literary love back at the loping to poi

A heal, or example heard — how the rated net soaks need. Remit 
sentence in a flayed edition, mourning. Unstuck the, copped singular. 
A stupid person is a real event.

          & How often

                         burning for folklore

                                           —you there &
                                in then, undressed— rolling
                                the remembered miraculous pix
                                up the story mocking the 
                                constitutive direct ornament's
                                moot soft buttoned lapidary
                                How often it, clutched, remade
                                the address to coddle
                                Being in the furthering
                                ABBREVIATED bicyclette abreast hopes
                                from the hired car half-happy
                                with raisinette wrappers &
                                reeling in the cajoled bridge-incisor's
                                nut-balm of a naked scrape's butter
                                on it,

                                unmercenary, slightly hungry,
                                with the music very loud.

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